Our CLUB BUTT Halloween party this weekend was such a massive success that the NYC crew all called in sick yesterday and stayed at home in bed nursing hangovers. Many of our guests also emailed us yesterday to say it was the best Halloween they'd had in years. One of the major reasons for the party's success was Hiro Ballroom, gorgeously decorated with real trees and crinkling leaves strewn all over the dance floor. Since the space holds approximately 1500 people, our usual issues with ultra-long lines were also kept to a minimum. The party was packed with hot Buttheads in both classic and creative costumes - we saw lots of ghosts, vampires, and mummies, as well as a young man in an amazing copper costume which featured a headpiece with working video screen showing experimental videos he made. Andrew Butler of Hercules and Love Affair manned the decks in the early part of the evening, playing sexy disco rarities, and after his bandmate Kim Ann Foxman performed her solo single 'Creature' with a team of hot vogue dancers, DJ Honey Dijon took over DJing duties, playing house till the end of the night. Luckily we asked our After Hours photographer Jan Wandrag to capture all the costumes, dancing, cruising, and heavy petting on the dance floor. Check out our favorite shots above, and then on Friday a fuller selection will be added to Facebook so you can tag your little hearts out. Thanks again to everyone who made our Halloween night so wonderful!