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Pornstar Top Keeps His Dick Locked

“Locked top” isn't an oxymoron for CagedJock. For the past nine years, the hunky New York-based pornstar has been pursuing his dream of an (almost) dickless world, dispensing chastity advice and XXL strap-on dildos to the bottoms of the internet. He told us how locking up has changed his physiology and what you can expect to find in his dungeon-for-rent.

BUTT: How long have you been locking up your dick?
CagedJock: I experimented with it in 2015. I stumbled across this one image of this guy on Tumblr and he had this beautiful, big muscle body, but his dick was locked and I really didn’t understand what it was back then because it was so new. So I kind of did my research about it, and Tumblr was a Pandora’s box back then that just gave so much information, so much insight about it. So I gave it a try and I really liked it.
What’s the longest period you’ve been locked continuously?
I test myself. I’ve done it for a month.
Does it change your relationship to your hole after that long?
I got hornier and hornier. I was such a slut all the time.
Have you ever flown with it? I wonder if it would get you flagged at airport security…
That’s one thing I haven’t done yet. I’m not sure what would happen!
Do you lock yourself up always or do you ever get locked up by another guy?
I try both. It’s more erotic when someone does it. Holds the keys. It’s all about the excitement, the arousal, from fear. Fear of losing your control of your own body. It’s that fear that arouses you and you’re not really in fear when you’re holding it yourself.
So you like to feel a little unsafe?
What else do you like most about it?
I like how it alters your mind. It makes you question your identity. It sort of opens the door to your mindset so that you can sink deeper into submission. I’ve shared it with other subs. They say being locked makes their hole more sensitive because all of the attention is now being diverted to a different section of your body. It actually makes me more focused while I’m serving because I’m no longer distracted trying to seek my own pleasure. The other person’s pleasure is more important than mine.

BUTT - Lu 3
CagedJock prefers Kink3D's cage because it's lightweight, comfortable and keeps his junk tucked away so he can strap on even bigger toys.

On your Twitter you seem to mostly be a top these days and often fuck guys, at least on cam, with a strap on. What’s that like? Isn’t being locked supposed to make you more subby?
Even though I was “topping” him, I was still a sub. Have you seen the movie “Django Unchained”?
I’m Samuel L. Jackson’s character.
Samuel L. Jackson? How?
Because he’s still below the master, but he’s above the subs. He’s above the slaves. So that’s how I describe it. Like an alpha sub.
Doesn’t he kill his master?
What I’m trying to say is that it’s a hierarchy.
So you’re a sub, but the guys that you’re fucking with a strap on are below you in this hierarchy.
Yes, exactly. You are in a position of controlling someone, but you’re dominating them with a strap on. And the humiliation and the arousal of having to depend on a strap on to be a man is really arousing.
But when you’re pegging someone, you don’t come.
I don’t, but I get really aroused by it. I’m raging hard in my cage.
Does it hurt to strain against it?
In a really good way. It actually feels really good.
Can you come from getting fucked when you wear it?
Yeah. It is an amazing sensation.
Has it become easier to come while getting fucked since you’ve been wearing it?
I dribble a lot.
There are a lot of guys on Twitter who post about their dicks getting smaller. Has that happened to you?
It has happened to me, I guess because I’ve been doing it for almost eight years. Some guys are more extreme, though. My friend has a dom who held his key for a year and the dom would feed him Viagra. And because he couldn’t get hard, he pushed against the cage. After a period of a year, he lost a few inches.
A few inches! Wow, that’s a lot…
He freaked out and he went to the doctor and the doctor said there’s nothing that he can do.
Does that turn you on? The idea of your dick getting smaller?
Would you ever get rid of it?
Like cut it off?
No, because I think as a sub, I like the idea of having big muscles and a small dick. It looks so sexy.
So it’s about the fact that you have this thing that supposedly affirms your manhood, but it just doesn’t work. You can’t use it.
Yes. I cannot become a man. I’m stuck in the middle. I’m a male but not a man. I cannot become my full potential. A lot of subs, they get off on that humiliation and they also don’t want to be on par with their master. They want the master to have a big, juicy, fully functional dick. And they themselves don’t have that and they’re really turned on by that fact.

BUTT - Lu 2
When he's not in his basement playspace, CagedJock likes the fresh air on the roof of his Brooklyn home.

Do you have sex with submissive tops?
I’ve had sex with a submissive top before. He wanted me to treat him like a pole, like a piece of meat. It was really fun. He existed to satisfy me.
So you have a playroom now. What have you got in it?
It’s a duplex with two levels, a ground floor and a basement. The basement level has its own entrance. That’s where the playroom is. It has a lounge area for you to relax, get to know each other, where you take a breather, make some drinks. It has a mini kitchen. And then after you enter the hallway there is a cabinet full of toys. It has a gas mask, gag, clamps, different types of toys. And then as you walk in, there’s a television where you can watch pornography, can connect to the wifi. There’s a full bathroom to wash up. There’s a Saint Andrew’s Cross, a glory hole, a fuck wall, a rim seat, a fuck machine, a CBT chair, slings, and a bed that you can do suspension…
Wow. That’s a lot of furniture.
Yeah. I wanted my playroom to be well-equipped to bring out whatever fantasy that people have. And I wanted to offer privacy. No one goes to the basement except my cleaner.
Cleaning that up seems like an intense job.
He cleans the hallway, not my playroom. I clean the playroom myself.
Of course.
In New York, people don’t have space to play. Even if they have a big bed, they have to wait for their roommate to leave. The playroom is 670 square feet, which is bigger than most apartments in the city, and it’s totally private.
One more question…since chastity is such a part of your personal brand, do you get a lot of locked bottoms reaching out to you for tips?
So many. I can’t even…I’ve completely lost count.
You should start an advice column.

Published on 02 February 2024