Wedding Album

Photography by
Chrissie Miller and Michael Bilsborough

Artist Terence Koh and his longterm boyfriend Garrick Gott, a very talented graphic designer, were married last week in one of those private ceremonies ‘for a handful of their closest friends’ that are usually reserved for folks like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Koh wore his mother’s wedding dress, to which he’d added 30 feet of tulle, flying in the face of the custom that the bride must be virginal to wear white.

When we asked him via email about what prompted this whirlwind elopement, Koh replied, (in lower case letters, of course), ‘it was a time again to celebrate to make life and our futures more beautiful.’ And how was the ‘Tahitian’ honeymoon going? ‘i just learnt to top. i guess that’s what marriage is for. change. for fun and love and to celebrate the beauty of life in the face of death.’

Published on 03 August 2009