The Four Seasons

Photography by
Martin Korben

Martin Korben is an Argentinian Butthead from Buenos Aires. He's sent us four pictures of some current friends and former lovers, along with a story about each. Martin associates each guy with a different season which strikes us as being very sweet.

Going online around here in Buenos Aires is pretty much an adventure ’cause most boys there are trashy and so you never really know what you’re gonna run into but Yut was a safe bet. We met up for ice cream, then headed to my place and after showing him some photos and discussing what the best underwater camera was, he went down on me. After that we kept on chatting and he repeatedly mentioned his quest to find a boyfriend. The second date was a 5AM booty call and after sex I started taking pictures of him while the sun was rising. He went back to Thailand the week after that and I never heard from him again.

Fotolog was to Argentina what MySpace was for the UK — so when a friend asked me if I wanted to join her and her boyfriend on a weekend getaway to her country house I went online and invited Dener, who I had never met before. At the country house we all did some mushrooms that never really hit, but the sex was great. Even though he’s a jock I kinda fell for him. But things got weird after I didn’t show up to hang out once because of work, and he lost interest. Years later I started going to an acrobatics class he was teaching. Now he lives in the apartment right below mine.

I was fresh out of rehab, 22 years old and working a late night shift for a call center when I met this graphic designer called Diego who was hanging with this crazy posse of super cool kids who all lived together and partied hard — Leo being one of them. I was new to the group, so most of them wanted to fuck me, and even though my heart was Diego’s, Leo and I really hit it off cause we both worked late nights. He used to call me ‘Julia’ because I would never kiss him on the mouth like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

There’s this infamous coke bar here in Buenos Aires called Kim y Novak, and I used to live a block away from it. So coming home early one night from some other place I thought of heading over there although I didn’t really like it. While crossing the street, I saw this small group of people also crossing in the opposite way, and I was checking out a guy who was at least six inches taller than the rest of them, and he was also checking me out. I kept going my way thinking about how gorgeous this guy was and how I would probably never see him again until I heard someone call my name — a friend of mine was with them! We all ended up having breakfast at my place and best of all he also lived a block away from the bar and thus me. We started hanging out, sleeping over and doing drugs, but after a really bad acid trip something broke and I didn’t see him until a year later, when we ran into each other outside a downtown club, both absolutely wasted, and shared a cab and the sweetest kisses EVER on the way home. We’ve been best just-friends ever since.

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Published on 28 January 2009