Lads at Large

Photography by
Dave Butt

Dave Butt is a British photographer (featured in BUTT 29) who has been making erotic portraits of men since the late ’80s. He gets a kick out of working with lads in the woods and fields around his home in Oxfordshire. Despite the unusually rainy summer, Dave seems to be making the most of his rustic surroundings.

We love Dave Butt’s name, of course, and his eye for guys with average bodies and guys who don’t shave or wax their pubes. Every man he shoots — unless they are naturally smooth — gets the same request: no shaving or waxing at least 6 weeks before please. His favorites are the young working men he finds himself: house painters, shop assistants, mechanics, estate agents, steel workers, etc.

Dave’s no-nonsense approach is without pretension and yet very eccentric in an English sort of way. Who else would publish a whole series dedicated to men standing next to mirrors? Perhaps his admiration for a man in a mirror comes from the fact that, as Dave explains, ‘…You get two for the price of one’.

By the way, Dave’s self-publishing his first on-demand book of photos ‘Young Cubs’. It features 33 different naturally-hairy guys, both in and out-of-doors, and is available here as a digital download as well as soft and hardback editions.

Published on 10 August 2012