Down the Man-hole

Photography by

Twin Cities scatophiles, Thelma and Towanda, get off on exploring the caves, sewers, storm drains, sub-basements — basically anywhere underground they can squeeze their asses into — that lie below Minneapolis-Saint Paul in the great state of Minnesota.

Because of their willingness to scout the most dangerous (and most disgusting) shit holes they can find, the duo have become known to fellow spelunkers as The T&T Poop Factory. Thelma and Towanda are brave and rugged for sure, but they also make a point of fagging-out when they get down there. And you’re as likely to find them in silk and spandex, or completely naked, as you are in big, black hiking boots or galoshes.

When they aren’t (quite literally) ‘queering the underground,’ Thelma and Towanda keep a tumblr blog documenting their explorations: Futtslutt.

Published on 08 July 2011