Interview by
Danny Calvi
Photography by
Mathias Casado Castro
Mixtape by
Graham Peel

Paris... Mais Oui!

Ah Paris! One can not help get all misty-eyed when taking in the city's illustrious nightlife, especially during men's fashion week when the champagne is flowing so freely. For the occasion, 28-year-old deejay slash producer Graham Peel whipped up a fluffy mix just for BUTT fans. Originally from Glasgow, Graham started his own club night (and blog and record label and band, etc.) because he's just so choosey about what he wants to hear on a night out. Listen to or download the mix and take a stroll through The City of Light...

So when Graham found himself in Paris with a French lover, his own club night was bound to follow. His night, Club Maté (named after the naturally-stimulating German soft drink), has been going since he was ‘doing the whole Berlin thing’ a couple years ago. Now he does his thing in Le Marais, the city’s homo district.

Danny: What gives you the greatest pleasure in Paris?
Graham: When you go for a walk and you stumble upon Monmartre or the Louvre… Nothing really compares. When you’re walking along the street at night and you catch a glimpse of the Sacré Coeur all lit up. Everything around here is just fucking beautiful.
Are you a romantic?
I’m 100% romantic. I’m one of the most romantic people you’ll ever meet.
Did you speak French before you moved here?
No never. I just learned it here with Michel Thomas and his amazing language tape. It’s like my bible.
And do you go to French classes?
Yeah, it’s with this crazy mix of people. No one can speak each other’s language, but everyone can speak broken French. It makes for a funny few hours.
And do you adore the cuisine?
Yeah, of course. In Scotland, they just fry everything. And in France… Well, of course French food is the best.
Better than a Scotch egg?
A shit salad is better than a Scottish breakfast. You’re arteries are crying inside.
And why do you call your club Club Maté?
Because it’s the greatest drink ever invented, and no one knows about it in France. I’m lucky they haven’t filed a lawsuit.
Do the makers of the soft drink know about your club night?
Some girl saying she was like a rep for Club Mate wanted to support it, but then — I don’t know, maybe she was high or something — nothing ever happened.
I love the basement at Les Souffleurs. It’s like a wine cellar.
Yeah totally, only full of gays instead of wine. There this door down there that leads into this like back area where there’s an old pissing area. It must be from like the middle ages.
Are you a wine lover?
There’s loads of amazing wine in Paris, but I tend to go for — never the cheapest — but the one a bit above the cheapest.
Do you prefer whiskey?
I hate whiskey. To me it’s like drinking burnt wood. I really don’t have a preference. I like drinks that are free.

Club Maté is this Saturday, 21 January at Les Souffleurs, 7 Rue de la Verrerie in Paris from 22:00 pm until 01:00 am.

Published on 20 January 2012